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We help business owners get more customers and make more money by getting them onto the 1st Page of YouTube and Google. Our video marketing strategies deploy between 1 & 50 videos per client (Do you want to know Why?). These videos are further enhanced by adding in the awesome power of bespoke "chatbots" that engage with customers and can even make bookings and close a sale! 

These videos can be used within Facebook or Google Ad campaigns as well as being ideal for sharing on Social Media to further enhance your online marketing. We do not do web design or SEO in case you wondered!

The first step is to arrange a FREE telephone consultation so we can find out more about your business.

5 Minute Summary Video

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Video Strategy - Overview + Examples!

Why is YouTube such an important part of a proper marketing strategy? If you watch this video it will explain WHY!

It is also a great demonstration of one of our £299 videos created from a simple 10 step script.

Video Strategy - More Detail!

This second video takes you through our video marketing strategy in more detail and explains how having multiple videos (1-50) can dramatically increase your ranking exposure. We do things in batches of 5 videos. Each 'batch' will be optimised and uploaded for £97 and maintained for 12 months. All within your own YouTube channel.  

Each video is created and optimised for 1 phrase that slightly overlaps with another of your phrases - with the result that even short key phrases get you ranked.  

Your Business NEEDS a Chatbot!

The way we communicate is changing in 2020. There are now more people sharing information within Messenger platforms than use Google Search. If you have not added a Chatbot to your web site, or ad campaign then you are potentially wasting a LOT of money and missing out on sales.

This video will explain some of the reasons why a Chatbot must be added to your business.

This is going to be an explosive area for your marketing - and one that you simply cannot afford to miss. 

How to: 10 Step Video Scripts!

One of the first steps involved in making a sales video is to create a 'script'. If you have one then great - if not, then watch this video and it will give you the 10 steps you need to follow in order to create a script.

Once done, simply email it to us and we will get your video made and ready within 24 hours. All for a low price of £299!

Overview of Our Work:

YouTube Video Content

We create gripping video content that gets your message across.

Our strategy is to create multiple videos super quickly, so you can get your message out to a wide range of potential customers, each searching for different key phrases. These videos can also be shared on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or your own web site. They can also be used in online advertising or email campaigns.

Page 1 Ranking Videos

Each video is optimised to list on YouTube at the top of the page.

Getting yourself seen is key to the strategy. Each of your videos is customised to rank at the top of YouTube for a specific phrase. We can even optimise your own previously created content (such as promotional videos not originally designed for YouTube). You may end up with between 10 and 50 optimised videos attracting customers for you!

Promotional & Sales Videos

If you have a specific need that requires video content, we can do that too.

First we will explore what your product or service delivers for your customers, then we will add some high quality copy writing skills to generate a script that will engage the viewer - then we'll deliver your high quality video within 5 days, so there is no more missing those important sales opportunities. These videos can also be optimised ranked 1st Page too!

Bespoke Intelligent 'Brobots'

Adding a ChatBot to your web site or ad campaign dramatically increases your sales results.

Imagine having an intelligent 'brobot' that can engage with your customers 24/7. It knows all the answers and can even process orders for you. Customers now demand responses within seconds - not minutes or hours!

We design and install Chatbots that will take your online sales to another level. 


(Helped by a team of specialist Consultants)

Paul Stewart

Managing Director

Lucy Stewart

Creative Director


Messenger Chatbot

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Paul Stewart has been involved in delivering advanced sales and marketing training since the early 1990's and is the author of a book entitled "5 Steps to Successful Selling" which provides helpful strategies and skill for anyone wanting to build rapport and trust with customers. In the book you will learn how to adapt the entire sales process to meet the intangible needs being shown by the behaviour of the customer during the interaction. With over 32 years technical experience within the financial and tax sectors, Paul Stewart can also project manage the development of bespoke chatbots - no matter how complex.

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