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About Paul Stewart Marketing Ltd

Paul Stewart began his career by developing an online shopping basket system in 1999. Since then his skills have been deployed within the financial sector writing technical support systems for banks and Insurance companies.  With the launch of Chatbots and Interactive video, there was another major shift in how people interact online.  Paul Stewart wanted to make sure he lead the way in showing business owners how to make the most of these changes… and more!

Working alongside internet marketing giants such as Simon Coulson, from the Internet Business School and David Cavenagh, a globe trotting YouTube marketing legend – Paul Stewart Marketing have a portfolio of online marketing tools and tips available for your business – Call us today and see what we can do! 

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Paul Stewart.

Paul Stewart.

CEO + Marketing Director

What we do for our clients is not simply SEO or ‘traditional’ marketing – it is a set of strategies that have been used to turn businesses around and make them into 6 or 7 figure online success stories. Nothing makes me happier than getting to the end of our FREE initial consultation – and knowing that we can make a real difference to their bottom line in ways that SEO experts and web designers cannot match. Powerful marketing strategies that really do work.


Imagine a video with all the functions of a web site embedded into the screen – no more jumping away from a video to use a form. These videos get 3 x the Engagement and 14 x the Click Through Rates of ‘old’ linear videos.

video content

If you are not using video content within your marketing strategy – You are missing out BIG time! Deploying multiple videos, each optimised for just 1 key search phrase/location is a MUST. Ask us more today!


If you want to engage with customers and take your marketing to the next level – NOW is the time to be adding a Chatbot to your business. They can take orders, book appointments, make sales and so much more!


Customers are adding ‘locations’ to their searches – which gives you the opportunity to deploy a swarm of pages, with each one optimised for a specific location. This strategy helped a small local business compete and win against the ‘big’ boys.

With Simon Coulson - Jan 2020

With Simon Coulson - Jan 2020

Internet Marketing Diploma - with lifetime support & updates

Our work is backed by a team of experts who are constantly updating our knowledge and skills with new ideas and strategies that have been proven to work time and time again. We have the same support from the Messenger Academy and of course the amazing David Cavenagh too!

They say success leaves clues and to follow someone who has made a million – and we are proud to be surrounded by them here! All their years of knowledge and unrivalled access to their expertise makes us confident that what we offer is going to blow you away – Call us NOW!

07786 396722 or 01962 809 517 

Video Marketing Strategy

YouTube Video Marketing Strategy
Customers are drawn to video content when used as part of a specialist online marketing strategy. How many times have you seen a video thumbnail when searching for something on the internet and were drawn to Click on it? See – It works!

Videos stand out way more than a ‘normal’ listing. Your business should be using videos to introduce your products and services online. It is so much easier for customers to watch information, rather than read it!

You can make “How To” or “Top Tips” videos. Multiple videos all attracting customers 24/7. Video testimonials are really powerful!

With billions of daily users, Facebook is an ideal place to share all your videos as people will like them and find them useful.

Video Page Domination

Paul Stewart Marketing 1st Page domination using Video Marketing
If you are selling a number of products or have a range of services, then you will need to create individual videos (and web pages) dedicated to each one. This will make Google searches more efficient and get you higher rankings as each video is aimed at a specific audience. We also do a ‘localisation’ service for companies that sell across the UK – and that strategy generates amazing 1st page traffic.

Then you’ll need to bear in mind that your potential customers will use different search phrases to find you – so you’ll end up with pages and videos acting as a swarm to drive traffic your way.

If your business wants to dominate its sector – Then get us to work making a whole army of videos and pages. Aimed at ranking on the 1st Page no matter what people search term might be!

Chatbot Marketing Strategy

Paul Stewart Messenger Chatbot Marketing Strategies 
The way we communicate is changing in 2020.

There are now more people sharing information within Messenger platforms than are using Google Search. If you don’t have a Messenger Marketing strategy that adds a Chatbot to your web site, or Google/Facebook ad campaign – then you are missing out on sales!

Imagine a customer seeing one of your amazing videos (or your new SEO friendly web site!) and they want to know more, or even place an order. A Messenger Chatbot can engage with your prospects and lead them through the entire sales process without making a single mistake. A Messenger Chatbot can do everything you need – including making bookings and taking payments.

Messenger Chatbots linked to online marketing and advertising campaigns will increase your results by more than 20x when compared to email. When do you want your Messenger Chatbot working for you?

Google Ad Campaign Review

Paul Stewart Marketing Google Ad Review 
Our Online Marketing Review not only looks at your web site, videos and messenger chatbots – we want to make sure that you are not wasting money with adverts that are failing to deliver. If you are currently spending more than £2,500 per month on Google or Facebook adverts, then we’d like to have a look and see what can be done to help improve your results.

Did you know that Google charges you MORE per click if you are using adverts that are not performing? So instead of paying £1 per click you might be able to reduce that to £0.75 per click simply by restructuring how your ad campaigns are set up.

Have you considered how to use your competition to improve your results too? One campaign reduced costs to only 2p per click by deploying this simple strategy online. Let us show you how!

Our objective is to work with you and get you more customers and make more money online.